Green Industry

For us, green and environmentally friendly does not mean being climate neutral in 2045, as the German government is aiming for, but acting today and now. Not only do we work climate neutral nowadays, but we go the extra mile and already put one on top. For this purpose we plant 4x new trees per year for each server. You as a customer receive aerial photos with Coordinates for the trees, so you can see what state yours are in.

To understand it in more detail, we address the topic in more detail: -
The backbone of the Internet is data centers, where millions of servers are stacked on top of each other, with 24/7 uninterrupted power redundancy.

And to protect those servers, the data centers use another enormous amount of energy to make sure they don't overheat and fail. It's about 40% of all the energy used to power the Internet is used to keep the data centers air conditioned.

For the sake of the environment, we must first basically curb the energy consumption without compromising the full efficiency. Also, we should all pitch in and phase out coal energy. Both approaches have long been integral parts of our principles at HansaHost.

Around the world, people talk about the airline industry and its air pollution. We always hear that it is responsible for 2% of total carbon dioxide emissions, after all. But the fact is that data centers emit more than the entire airline industry into the atmosphere carbon pollution, tendinig upwards..!

HansaHost is committed to being a hoster with negative carbon emissions.

We began using 100% green power and carefully selected our data center locations to reduce energy consumption for cooling.

We also regularly upgrade our servers, routers, and all other elements of our data centers to ensure we are using the most efficient A+ rated equipment, which typically reduces our energy consumption to nearly half of what many competitors are actually using.

To further strengthen our commitment to the environment, we work with tree planting organizations to plant trees around the world. For every hosting account we set up on our platform, we plant four trees per year, apart from the account size.

. We firmly believe that together we can make the future better.