The Starware Cup Award Ceremony

Football pools have a long tradition within Starware. Everyone hands in their predictions and hope that their team doesn’t get eliminated in the first round. Then, after weeks of stress, matches, and plenty of beer, we proclaim the winner! 🏆

We thought it would be great to start celebrating this and bought a teeny tiny Challenge Cup that will change hands every time we have a new winner (although the winner might want to get rid of it sooner than that 😂). We also engraved the name of the first winner in the cup. Every time we have a new champion, their name will be added to the cup and will ensure eternal fame within the company.

So finally, after months of preparations, contacting the press, getting a location, and finding a volunteer presenter, we celebrated our award ceremony!

We hope you enjoy the final result! 😉

Starware Cup Award Ceremony 2021