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Over the past years, Starware fully transformed into a system development company. By this, we mean that we help our customers in the entire journey of implementing a new WMS. From helping them choose the right tools, taking them along in the design, running an agile implementation, and delivering world-class support.

We cover all aspects of a modern WMS implementation at any fulfilment centre. To do so, we use the best warehouse management software on the planet: Blue Yonder.

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unique blend

We are former warehouse employees, business analysts, software coders, testers, jack of all trades, and hard workers.
In our spare time, we are musicians, construction workers, moms, dads, writers, travellers, comedians, and adventurers. Because of this blend of people, we have a unique perspective on logistical processes in any warehouse.

We are the ones that find solutions to fit those round pegs into square holes. And we look at things differently. By default, we value the bigger picture, but we have already met the devil in the details numerous times in the past.

Our large team of experts will take your supply chain to the next level: from design to testing, implementing or supporting your system, and tailoring it 100% to your needs to provide you with the competitive advance you need.

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  • 8 out of 10 3PLs use Blue Yonder WMS

Numbers and figures

We work for the world's biggest 3PLs, retailers, and manufacturers and participate in projects worldwide for the most notorious brands.

We specialise in running complete implementations of Blue Yonder WMS, migrating existing WMS software, and adding new features to the Blue Yonder WMS using the rich extensibility possibilities. We have worked on over 1000 projects in the world's most successful supply chains.

Moreover, next to our expertise in Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System, we help customers implement Blue Yonder Labour Management System, Warehouse Tasking, and Control Tower.

Because we are so enthusiastic about their software, we have invested heavily in training and accreditation, and we have built the most extensive certified team of Blue Yonder WMS consultants and technicians in Europe and the 3rd in the world.

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the long run

At Starware, we are in it for the long run and have our track record to back it up. This shows in all of our decisions. Towards our customers, our partners, our company, and mostly, towards all the people working at Starware.

In fact, we are still helping out most of our longest-running customers far after the first go-live of their project. In 2020, for example, we were happy to assist all of them in coping with the huge changes the pandemic brought to their supply chains.

And as we are moving into the second decade of partnership with Blue Yonder, and we are still finding new ways to collaborate even stronger in the future.

Being in business since 1992, we run our company based on common sense; we spend less than we earn; we finance our own growth, and we spend our money on things that matter the most for us at any given time.

Making Starware a really nice place to work and ensuring a great balance between work and private life is one of the most important things for us. We are not aiming for a fast profit. Instead, we invest in our team, and that reflects in the quality of work we deliver.

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Furthermore, at Starware, we build our teams around customers. That means that we keep a core team available for our customers throughout the application's life cycle, and we vary in size whenever necessary. Thus, we aim to be the constant in your equation, in line with our desire to build long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

The benefit for your operation is always to have a skilled team that knows your business by your side to help you when you need it most. With all the changes that constantly occur in the supply chain, it's truly only a matter of when you will need to adapt, not if!

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