Web Summit 2023

Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon

We have been immersing ourselves in the world of tech from November 16-17 at the unbelievable Web Summit event in #lisbon.

On the first day we had appointments with some great Ukrainian companies that are looking to expand into Europe and Ukrainian legend Dr. Wladimir Klitschko was presenting about the Kyiv digital app, how it keeps people safe during the war and how it can also help other big cities around the world in times of unexpected disaster by being a single trustworthy and timely source of truth.
It was really inspiring to see Ukrainian initiatives in tech to thrive and focus on improving the world around them while they are facing the horrors of war.
As we never waste an opportunity to dress up at Starware 😉, we wore some traditional Ukrainian
shirts in support and tried to take a selfie with Klitschko. We didn’t want to annoy one of the greatest boxers ever too much however so we stayed out of his reach just in case 😬👊

The web summit itself is an amazing place with a center stage worthy of a rock concert, so many other pavilions with super original booths, 15 stages with inspiring speakers and the best networking possibilities I have ever seen at a tech conference!🤝

Because of the size of the event it feels like Web Summit is taking over the entire city of Lisbon and adds a layer of good vibes and energy over the already ridiculously cool city during the day and the night!

Thanks for inviting us Marie D.! We had a fantastic time and will be back in the future for sure!

Now after a good night of sleep we can’t wait to get back home, as we are filled with new energy and inspiration. We bring back some great memories, a couple of actionable, new ideas and some fantastic new leads!