New Venlo Office!

Now that working from home is no longer the norm, our teams were very eager to meet up in person again. During the pandemic, we already noticed that our growth in southern part of the Netherlands caused our Venlo office space to become too cramped.

Luckily, LEBE Group (our landlord and Sablones’ owner) had a bigger office space available just across the street.

Moving so close had a couple of advantages:
1) We can still enjoy the tasty, affordable meals from Sablones cafeteria;
2)we continue to be next to the train station, making the office very accessible both by car or public transport.
3)and finally, it really made a move a lot easier, as we only had to move our stuff a couple of meters!

We got a lot of freedom in how we could style and decorate our new Venlo office. We were able to take all the great designs we developed in our main office and apply them to the new office as well. So now we brought back the vibe from our main office in Gouda to make everyone feel at home. The result: a stylish, functional office space with fully electrical adjustable desks, ergodynamic chairs, a whole new kitchen, room to chill, and a Starware sign made of bulb lights to top it off!

We want to extend a big thanks to Havic, Welovecolor, LEBE Group, and Loods5 for making it possible. And of course, a special thanks to our in-house photographer, Martijn, for taking the great pictures of the office!

You can find us at our new address in Venlo at:
Kaldenkerkerweg 28, Venlo.