A new domain!

For the past 25 years, you have been able to find us online as starware.nl. Although we are still proud of our Dutch heritage, our recent worldwide growth created a myriad of country-specific domains for all our offices. Of course, we did try the obvious first and have been trying to acquire starware.com for many years now, but we finally came to the conclusion that this wasn’t meant to be for both parties. 

So we deliberated on many alternatives. We even considered different spellings of our name, as people have always struggled with the fact of whether we are called starwar.nlstarwear.nl, or even stareware.nl, but after some careful a/b testing and website-traffic analyses, we noticed this also wasn’t the best solution 😉

We finally settled on STARWARE.DEV, as we feel it describes perfectly where our business has grown in all these years. Starware has now fully transformed into the Warehouse Management System DEVelopment party!
By this, we mean we support our customers from the very inception of the idea of a new WMS implementation all the way through the execution, support, and constant changes required for running a modern warehouse operation.

To celebrate the change, we have overhauled our website and added a ton of new information. 

Curious? Have a look for yourself at https://starware.com

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