Wheels off the ground! Our trip to Northern America has come to an end.

We are leaving on a jet plane..

Wheels off the ground! Our trip to Northern America has come to an end.

We had a blast in Orlando, visiting the Blue Yonder Icon conference, which was nothing less then ICONIC. Being at a conference in person again after two years and meeting up with old friends from Blue Yonder and Centiro really felt like coming home. Jay Janssen and Andrea Mulet of our brand new sales team blended right in and were welcomed with open arms by the Blue Yonder community. Making so many new friends in a couple of long, long and then very long days was the icing on the cake.

There was so much news to share from Blue Yonder that we are still a bit dizzy of the pace that things are moving at this moment in the world of supply chains. (Granted, this might also be caused by the fact that Josh Owen of Cycle Labs threw an epic happy hour party that lasted at least till all the bars closed, but still 😉)

All the disruptions in our recent history that have been impacting everyone around the world, makes it very clear that we have to signal issues faster, must act quicker and be more creative than ever to face them. All this to make sure our customers are still able to run their business efficiently while these hits just seem to keep coming. Now that we have experienced how much the #luminate Platform of Blue Yonder has matured over the past years and how extremely versatile and adaptable it has become, our believe is that we can overcome any challenge together.

After Weezer played their hearts out the conference was over, the whole team needed some well deserved R&R so we spent the afternoon hiking in a nearby nature reserve and swimming in a natural spring.

Who knows what the future will bring but we have got to be ready, so let’s go and wander into the unknown!

We are up for the challenge, are you ?

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