Starware Days are back! 🔙🤩

After working remotely for nearly 2 years and so many changes that took place in our company, we were finally able to organise a physical meetup that we call the “Starware Day” together with Event Inspiration NL last Friday. As we are now almost 70 persons from all corners of the world, unfortunately not everyone could make it, but we were very happy to see 2/3 rds of the company getting together again and having a great time.

In line with the motto of Starware that if something is worth doing, it’s also worth overdoing it, we built an action-packed program full of surprises!

We started out on stage with the great team of Boom Chicago in their home in #Amsterdam, where Pep Rosenfeld was our moderator of the day. Marc & Roland shared 2021 great results and provided a glimpse into the next 10 years of Starware. Boom Chicago’s resident employee & wellness coach Rob AndristPlourde showed us some alternative insights into the world of work-life balance and we honoured three of our colleagues that had their 12,5 year anniversary with Starware during the pandemic.

To close off the keynote Marc and Roland took us back to the future: a very clear hint to the destination on the upcoming 30 year anniversary of Starware. Later, the great “Gentleman DJ” Joost van Roij and the DJADE | Experience Boutique models took us back to 1992 when it all started for the company. 

After some great breakout sessions, it was time to take on to the streets of Amsterdam. We took the sturdy Knaap Bikes from Volendam Rent & Event for a guided trip to Amaze. Here we could lose ourselves in the fantasy world of lasers, bass drums, and visual effects masterpieces of ID&T.

Finally, it was time for dinner and drinks at the WesterLiefde. When day turned into night and night turned into morning, some of the usual and totally new suspects were there to close the bars of Amsterdam and safely return to their hotel rooms.

It was great rediscovering old friendships with people we have been working with for so long and seeing that all those great new colleagues that joined Starware lately fitted right in with the rest of the team. 

Sure it was a great program, but the fact that we were able to spend a day and a night again with the whole team felt so much more valuable after all this time! Usually, after hosting an event like this, you feel a bit depleted once it is done and the stress of preparation falls away; but this time it made us feel more energised than ever!

So we are already planning for the next big celebration: Starware’s 30th anniversary! Coming September 2022 🙌