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Starware launches a new subsidiary in Australia

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Starware Australia PTY LTD

Dutch warehouse management system-development firm chooses Melbourne as the location for its Asia-Pacific headquarters

Melbourne, December 23rd, 2020: Starware, a Dutch company that performs warehouse management system development, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Australian subsidiary, Starware Australia PTY Ltd., selecting Melbourne as the location for its Asia-Pacific headquarters.

Starware has established operations in Melbourne to leverage market advantages. First, by completing their “follow the sun” support cycle using the Australian Eastern Time Zone. This relieves the company’s nightly support standby shifts in Europe, improving the work-life balance of its employees. Its secondary goal is to attract local clients to help improve the processes inside their fulfilment centres with the WMS software of Blue Yonder. Starware worked closely with ACE, a team of experienced business advisors assisting global businesses with their international expansion, as well as the Invest Victoria initiative.

“We realise that this news might come off a bit strange in the middle of the second wave of a global pandemic,” said Roland Stilting, Co-Owner, Starware. “This year, we have witnessed numerous impactful changes in the world’s most successful supply chains. Our team, whom we care about deeply, has done a great job working from home almost exclusively for the whole year to help our customers prepare and adapt to those changes in all their fulfilment centres. This meant we had plenty of work and many challenges before us.”

Over the past few years, Starware has seen its number of large accounts growing, along with a demand for 24/7 support for their client’s fulfilment centres. When a nightly standby shift became a key part of operations, Starware realised the implications this had on its employees’ lives. That’s when the company decided it was time to implement a “Follow the Sun” support model. In this model, Starware can provide local support for its customers from locations around the globe.

In their quest to find a suitable location, Starware owner Roland Stilting had a long-standing wish of opening a company in Australia after travelling it extensively in his past. 

“The more we started to look into Australia, the more we noticed the similarities with the Dutch mentality and business climate. Besides, Melbourne is the logistical hot-sport and has a fastest-growing tech sector, so in the end, it was an easy choice,” said Roland Stilting. “Especially the support of the team at ACE really made a difference in making our move to Melbourne as seamless as possible.”

Starware has currently hired its first overseas employees remotely and is now looking for new talent. As the Dutch company expands in Australia, its goal is also to initiate business development for local clients to grow sustainably in both Europe and the Asia Pacific.



At Starware, we perform warehouse management system-development, meaning we help our customers to define, design, implement, test, and support all aspects of a modern fulfilment centre with the best software on the planet: Blue Yonder WMS. 

We are specialised in running complete implementations of Blue Yonder WMS, migrating existing WMS software, and adding new features to the Blue Yonder WMS using the rich extensibility possibilities. We have worked on over 500 projects in the world’s most successful supply chains. Furthermore, we have the biggest accredited team for Blue Yonder WMS in Europe and third in the world.



Carmela Peiro

Brand & Marketing Manager, Starware

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