Launch of Starwear!

Did you know that Starware has its own webshop?Β For real?? You bet! Today we are launching the Starware webshop: Starwear!

🀌 But why?? You might ask, and rightfully so! Does the world really need another site with company-branded swag?

We think it does! During the past years, we got so many positive reactions to our merchandise that we thought it would be great to let more people join in the fun and give them a chance to get their hands on some of our most fun gadgets and apparel.

We are starting with just a couple of our most popular items, but keep an eye out for our social media channels, as we will add much more great stuff soon. 😎

There is actually more than meets the eye behind this idea. It’s not just a shameless plug! As we like to present ourselves as the WMS party, we thought it was long overdue to start practicing what we preach.

So we are building up our own little warehouse! Behind our webshop, we will set up a full-blown WMS implementation that we can use to demo all the latest warehouse tech and the great functionalities of the Blue Yonder WMS. Not just on a screen, but with a real link to an actual, tangible, logistical process behind it.

We are confident that this will take our demos and our training facilities to a whole new level to host an immersive warehouse experience in the near future!

Use our launching code to get a 15% discount on all items! IWEARITFIRST15

Will you wear it first? πŸ˜‰