The first leg of our trip to North America is almost a wrap

We started our days by meeting the Dutch consulate in Toronto and catching up with the team of Toronto Global that helped us a great deal setting up shop in Canada.

Then it was time for the main event. Hosting a long overdue Starware Day with the Canadian Team! First up was a professional ping pong tournament at the amazing SPIN Toronto ping pong social club. The whole team turned out to have hidden skills and were deservedly crowned ping pong masters and pingpong queens after the finals. 😉🏓

Next stop was Chinatown: to pick up some typical Dutch bikes and the great guide Leon graafland. He took us all across town to discover and learn a bit more about the city of Toronto. After everyone had a great workout on the bikes and overcome their worst fears of cycling through busy downtown Toronto. 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️

We ended the day with some ice cold beers and great food in the Storm Crow Manor restaurant which was full of, how appropriate, #starwars memorabilia!

On our day off we decided to catch a Toronto Blue Jays game and enjoy the nightlife of Toronto. Today we are off to sunny Orlando where the Blue Yondericon event will start tomorrow!

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team Starware at SPIN